10 reasons why dads are basically the best…


Well because I ‘forgot’ (spent all my money on wine, sorry dad!) to send a a Father’s Day present to father dearest, I thought the next best thing would be a funny list dedicated to the man himself!

1. Their excellent words of wisdom…which are usually only given in times when your mums not there and he wants to shut you up to watch the TV in peace.


2. They handle a crisis pretty well…well not as good as your mum but they try, they try!

3. They are pretty clever,like they know all that stuff about fixing lights or bikes or repainting the living room.    

4) They have a brilliant work ethic, in that they work very hard in order to earn money that they can lend to their very undeserving kids.

5) They say things that are totally unacceptable to say after 40 but they say them anyway. 

6) They were always so helpful with homework… And it only happened like 15 times where the homework that your dad helped with you was totally and completely wrong.   


7) They are not scared of anything, well they might be but they don’t seem like it. Unlike your mum they’ll go down the scary rides at the waterpark or they’ll eat octopus, no fear.

8) They accept the fact that being a dad means one thing: socks for Christmas and other kind of rubbish Christmas presents. 

9) They know how to be perfectly embarrassing at all the wrong best times.   


10) Dad jokes, dads are the kings of bad jokes, terrible puns and the worst wordplay. But still no Christmas, birthday or holiday is complete without a bad dad joke.

Happy fathers dad!

Love Robyn x

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