Do women hate other women?


Okay 3 things, number 1: my drawings are brilliant, number 2: this is a purposefully provocative title and finally number 3: I have brilliant commenters. 

The reasons for number 3 is because this specific blog post was the result of Fupark Fashion and Laura McDaniel, throwing some serious food for thought my way earlier, on my post Exteme Modelling. So I thought now would be the time to thank you all for your brilliant thought seeds that get planted in my brain and help me defeat the damn writers block.

These 2 commenters got me thinking about the feelings other women have towards each in terms of beauty and fashion. It seems quite apparent to me that this industry enjoys pinning women against each other. There are ‘most beautiful women lists’ or ‘sexiest women in the world lists’ and then as I mentioned before ‘get legs like Rihanna and a stomach like Taylor Swift’ articles, all of which work together to make women feel a bit shitty.

But what also got me thinking is that insecure women buy beauty products, or should I say women that cannot possibly compete with Hollywoods ridiculous idea of beauty, buy products. So this whole making other women seem less beautiful than other women is a gold mine.


Now I’m not saying that normal non celebrity women go around being nasty and hurling abuse at one another, not at all, the main thing I’m trying to say is that this competitive nature breeds negativity among people. Not only that it teaches young girls that being nasty about other women is normal. 

It’s not normal, in a world where women fight their own personal battles everyday, the last thing they need is some cooperate industry telling them that ‘this famous woman’ has better legs than them or in fact other women telling them…

 Fun Park Fashion said ‘Women are each other’s harshes critics’. And to be honest who can blame us? There’s a pressure to look and dress a certain a way but there’s also a pressure to defend ourselves and perhaps in doing so shame others, which i saw a lot of during the the whole Tess Holliday ‘scandal’, people were outright defending the right to be larger or to be smaller but in my opinion the right way to do that is not to shame other people on the way they look. And also it’s not our job to do that. 

Well I’ve said my piece, I’d love to hear what you have to say! 

Love Robyn.

24 thoughts on “Do women hate other women?”

  1. So, if I’m reading this right, you’re saying that the woman-on-woman hatred is based on the insecurities manufactured by the beauty product industry, right? I’d agree with that to a certain extent. Although, there is something to be said about the euphoric nature of feeling superior to your peers. I know, I know that’s wrong, but it feels so right.

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  2. The pressure is created somewhat by society, but heavily amplified by people themselves! Societal standard are total b.s. I mean the very thought of looking like somebody is pretty much impossible! What’s worse is that people say they look for good character, but in reality they want to see a picture perfect human!

    We all have different genetics, home environment , background and intrinsic and extrinsic stresses. So if all these factors effect one’s appearance and all these factors are variables, then trying to copy somebody else’s ‘look’, body type etc. is ludicrous!

    People fall prey to what the media perpetuates too easily both genders- people in general. The reality is that a man’s ‘size down there’, is totally dependent on genetics and hormones, the same for a woman’s ‘chest measurements.’

    Another one is abs. Well if you have a good metabolism, great testosterone, solid posture and muscle building genetics and workout a very little then sure abs come natural, but it really does require work! Whats worse people crunch, and do abs exercises without stabilizing their core, so they end up messing up their posture!

    You know what I say? If you dress decently take care of yourself .ie. eat healthy and keep somewhat active, and have good character traits then there’s nothing wrong with you, you automatically are part of the attractive people crowd!

    What’s worse these day that despite the complexes created, people (both men and women) criticize women for going to the gym! The fact of the matter is 21″ biceps can’t be made without serious testosterone levels for either genders and years of work.

    Let me tell everyone something about aesthetically looking body: a strong/ athletic person who is dedicated, hardworking and good at their sport/ activity is by far damn sexy looking! That activity could range from sports: swimming to running, to just be dedicated to eating healthy and walking!

    To conclude if you develop good character traits, take care of yourself and your body and dress decently, then by far people you have achieved true beauty, prettiness and fanciness!

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    1. Wow that was one hell of a comment! Thanks for stopping by!
      I think I have to agree with you, it main,u comes down to people pressuring theme selves and others and trying create something that is is not normal. On the other hand there’s nothing wrong with wanting to go to the gym or being s bit vain, we’re all different and nobody should be shamed for what they do!
      Thanks again!


      1. No problem! Well I think that it’s best to look at things objectively. As in if you go to the gym your exercising, and that’s it. Beyond that if for aesthetics or meditation or whatever is up to you.

        The same for exposing skin when you dress. The thing that’s true is that you dress provocatively, I mean that’s why there is attraction between human beings. Humans are attracted by tangible (body) and non tangible things, how that’s prioritized and labeled is up to a person.

        Beyond that if dressing less is good, bad etc. is up to the individual. That being said one should also realize the consequence of their actions. Just because we thing in a certain way doesn’t mean people will perceive us the same way. That’s why so many people are split on the issue, because it’s their opinion.

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  3. Personally most laws, and ancient teachings have some wisdom to them, I mean it doesn’t make sense to ask why people stare at you if your not part of the typical norm .eg. guys staring at girl with a lot of cleavage and short shorts or girls staring at guys with fancy hair and only shorts.

    That said society isn’t perfect and could improve in most regards.I conclude with this:

    A person should take into account of other’s views, but not necessarily follow them. Wise decisions are based on good observation with a small personal subjective view with an overall objective view.

    So do you what you want, know what you sow, and have a good reason behind it, and make sure that your not hurting other people!

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  4. Glad I could help ‘the writers block’ Robynchristi – and thank you very much for the shoutout. This topic alone could fuel for quite some time. Sadly because life will not change (because there are so many people who don’t want to change) – but as they say, “Karma’s a Bitch”… lol.

    So my new blogging friend, if your ever in Seattle – shout out – I’m a former southern gal, friendly to everyone (until you cross me). LOL

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  5. This is a wonderful post and a heated topic, my favorite! I don’t think women necessarily hate one another, but they are put in a position where they feel they must compete. This is what I believe creates that “hate” we feel for women we feel for women who are deemed more attractive, or better in some way.

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