The best things in life are free, or at least they should be!


Let’s just say this list is big dreaming from a cash strapped 19 year old but still you’ll probably agree with all of them….

1. Buses, because there’s no greater heartbreak than realising you have to break into a £20 to get on the bus!

2. Umbrellas, come on I’m not going to pay a tenner for something that will probably break in the wind or will be forgotten on the bus!  They should just be free!

3. Chocolate biscuits should be provided free of charge in every shop. Because biscuits. 

4. Water in restaurants, I live in Germany and it’s almost impossible to get your hands on some tap water! 

5. Public toilets, it’s almost offensive being charged to use those pee hovels. Offensive. 

6. Ketchup! Sob don’t charge me extra for a measly sachet of sauce, please don’t! 

7. For cheese when you order a bake potato with beans, come on beans without cheese is just wrong, don’t make people pay for that!

8. Notebooks. All notebooks should be free in the world ever for free. 

9. Socks, socks are a thing you didn’t realise you had to buy until you moved out of your parents house. Therefore everybody should get a complimentary box of socks when you move out.

10.  Glasses, it’s not my fault I’m practically blind, don’t add salt to the wound and charge me for it!

11. Public wifi! You cheeky little devil you, I see you, I connect to you, only for you to take me to a web page trying to get me to buy an hours wifi! No! 

12. Flip flops, they are literally the most stupid shoes (mostly from the sounds) and they break and they give you an lucky blister between your toes, don’t charge me for that kind of torture! 

13. A trim,having to pay for a millimetre of hair to be cut off your hair and then not be able to see the difference…the pain…oh the pain!
Love Robyn! 

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21 thoughts on “The best things in life are free, or at least they should be!”

  1. Water in Cali is scarce right now, where I am. You have to actually ask for water in a restaurant and for each refill, water used to just come with the wait before drinks. DROUGHT!

    Thanks for your posts, they always cheer me up. (Bad day).

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  2. Socks should definitely be free. I have a son who must have got over 500 pairs of socks out of my bank account over the years. Yet he still just seems to have one or two pairs & they never match. They’re always odd. I think that should actually be illegal, wearing odd socks & they’re holy. No, not like the Pope. Cheese n’ beans should be sold in tins. Or even grown like that. Well, you may have to add the tomato sauce, but there MUST be a way of combining cheese n’ beans, BEFORE putting them in tins or baked potatoes come to that. Yes. I know. I’m weird. I’m sorry about that. Still lovin’ the blog, RobynChristi.

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  3. I really like this post because it highlights some cultural differences. There’s about four things on this list that are free where I live. Now I’m wondering what I pay for in the U.S. that’s free in other countries…

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      1. Water in restaurants (as a cheap water junkie, I nearly always have free water when I go out), Public toilets (you can stop at any fast food restaurant, gas station, or highway rest stop…a lot of shops have public restrooms for free too), ketchup packets (being left out in bins where you can just grab a handful if you like), and wi-fi (so many restaurants have free wi-fi to encourage people to sit around and buy more food, lol).
        I really wish the rest of your list was free though, ’cause some new socks and glasses would be nice!


      2. Well in England water was free on restaurants top but here in Germany I don’t find it that common. And wonderful news about ketchup! But by bins you don’t mean like the English word for ‘trash’? Well hopefully not :p


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