Can somebody make an app for that please?


I’m having a bit of a love hate affair with technology at the moment,in fact I hate that I love it. But today here’s a list of apps which I think would enhance my life greatly….btw just to let you know if you are a beautiful mind genius person and make these apps come true I will expect some kind of payment..okay? 

1. An app that sends a direct message to the kettle when I wake up, to boil the kettle to the perfect temperature so I can drink it before I forget about it. 

2. If fact a ‘tea alarm’ would probably be also very useful but that might be a little simpler.

3. An app that can just absorb important infomation from my brain instead of me having to write them down.

4. An app that monitors how much is in the fridge and tells me when I need to go shopping ‘ROBYN YOU ARE RUNNING DANGEROUSLY LOW ON WINE, ONLY 2 BOTTLES LEFT’.

5. An app that irons clothes, I don’t know how, I just know I don’t want to do that.

6. An app that tells you if there’s washing up to do so you know to get a takeaway on the way home.

7. An app that can detect people you don’t like, beep beep beep bitch alert. 

8. Oh and in the same app, an ability to detect sales in shoe shops. 

9. A calorie tracker that calculates calories in terms of Jaffa Cakes. 

10. And app that allows you to rent a pug for the day. Or other insanely cute dog.

12. An app that tells you what the weird ingredients are on the back on food but instead of in a scientifical way, it tells you what disease you’ll get. 

13. An app that calculates at what level of wine drunk you are and to stop you before get too wine drunk and chunder. Or do karaoke.

14. An app that can guess what song you mean just by simply saying ‘you know the one that goes nununumhnaaa’.

15. An app that tells you if you should just bring a jacket or not. Because that way you don’t have to ask someone. 

Love Robyn,

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22 thoughts on “Can somebody make an app for that please?”

  1. No endorsements, my dear…

    4 sounds great! They can plant a chip up the bottles or wine rack that will alert when you pick a bottle up and don’t place it back? Maybe? Then as you said “alert you” on the screen.

    Question, Robyn, I work with micro word, But how do you get double spacing to work when you use WordPress to post? It shows double spacing when I write everything, but, when I post it’s all single spaced where my bullet point or #’s are.


    1. Hey, thanks for stopping by. If you simply mean the space between the numbers then I actually manually write the number in, double click return, and then do one backspace, out gives me the space between the points, but actually I write mine all on WordPress. X

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