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5 reasons why having a blog is like having a baby

Btw I have zero children so this is all completely based on what I imagine. But probably true.

 1. You wake up on the morning but you’ve been up all night hearing these random pings wanting your attention, you don’t want to look at the stats, good, bad ?! But then you know one glowing comment makes everything disappear. 

2. You are that mum, all you do is talk about your blog baby. ‘Aw did you read this post?! Can you share this on Facebook?!’ Pictures, statuses and links, you’ve changed.

3. People have probably blocked you on Facebook and other social media sites because all you do is repeated talk about your blog baby. 

4. You will do anything for your child, such as connecting  to any random wifi hotspot  just so you can finally post that perfect post.

5. You can’t go out anymore. All you do is care for this growing baby blog, thinking of posts, reading other people’s, you think about the easy days before you were parent a lot. Sigh. With it though. 

Love Robyn.

Ps read this one here

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