Signs you probably should put the phone/laptop/iPad/other technological devices down.


  • As soon as you pick up said technological device you turn into a zombie, unable of speech. 
  • Your partner has on more than one occaisoon said something to you, to which you’ve nodded and had absolutely no clue what they were talking about, because Facebook. 
  • You will stop everything you’re doing if somebody tags you in a post or picture and check. 
  • If it wasn’t for the Internet you wouldn’t know how to boil an egg. 
  • The only time you don’t use your phone is when it’s dead. And even then you’re thinking about using it.
  • You make this weird laugh noise when you see something funny but your so absorbed in the screen that you can’t stop and explain to others. 
  • You’re avidly on every social media platform, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. Everything. 
  • You can’t imagine a world without a phone, how did people find out things about people before they even met them?! 
  • You’re late for dinner more often than not because you spent 2 hours watching cat videos on the Internet instead of getting ready. 
  • Your family have started a no ‘phones at the table’ rule. Which you ignore
  • You get oh-my-God-what-do-you-want-annoyed when somebody tries to disrupt you whilst your trying to write a super witty status or play candy crush.
  • You know about every Internet phenomenon, THE DRESS IS GOLD AND WHITE, GET OVER IT!
  • You use Instagram as a way of signalling what you want for you birthday.
  • You can’t eat a meal without posting a picture of it online or ‘checking in’ somewhere. 
  • It’s a heart shattering moment when you realise you forgot to bring your charger somewhere. 
  • And you get really offensive when people suggest you might be addicted. HOW DARE YOU. 
  • The main reason you go to the gym is so you can take selfies and tell people. 
  • You miss large chunks of conversations whilst checking  your phone that people get so annoyed with you and refuse to tell you again. 

Love Robyn. 

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10 thoughts on “Signs you probably should put the phone/laptop/iPad/other technological devices down.”

  1. I didn’t mean that I wouldn’t read it Robyn, geez. hehe. Just that I knew right off the bat that I would be in trouble, just the fact that the first point was ‘turning into a zombie.’ haha. I can’t eat a meal without checking my phone, if I am @ gram’s house she gets upset.

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