15 things I’m far too lazy to do..


Do you ever look at someone doing something and think ‘wow i should do that’ and then it’s always in your mind forever but you can’t be bothered doing it? yeah that’s me ALL the time. 

1) When i see people only take photographs in black and white or of certain kinds of things on Instagram i always really want to do that but meh…

2) Actually putting away the dry clean dishes, what’s the point? 

3) Be one of those 7am bikram yoga kind of people and then drink something with chia seeds in it (to be fair idk what chia seeds are)

4) Reading actual classic novels instead of just easy chick-lit ones (don’t tell me off)

5) Spell checking, as you can probably tell from my posts I have a rather relaxed approach to this. 

6) Actually reading a recipe and using it while cooking, normally I look at once close the book because it’s taking too much space and then wing it and hope for the best. 

7) Fashion, I’m just so lazy when it comes to knowing what’s what, sigh.

8) Packing, basically as long as it fits and shuts, it’s fine. 

9) Sometimes I’m even too lazy to press the capital letter button at the start of a sentence. 

10) To spend more than 2 minutes a day learning German,most of the time I’m just haunted by the intention of it.

11) Literally every Saturday and Sunday morning is spent willing myself to get out of bed because I’m too lazy to get up and make breakfast. Usually in time for brunch though. Oh who am I kidding lunch.

12) Replying to messages, I want to be the same avid texter I was when I was 15 (because unlike then I have free texts now) but usually I read a message, get distracted and forget about it.

13) Ever leaving the house, when I’ve already put my pyjamas on. Sorry boyfriend you’re doing the 8pm wine run. 

14) Taking pictures, I thought when I moved to Germany I would take so many and look really cool, I think I take about 4 a month. And thats usually food. 

15) Clearing out all the junk from my email inbox, seriously who has the time?! 

Got any more of your own? Tell me, I’m never too lazy to read your comments (I promise)

Love Robyn!

P.s read this!

14 thoughts on “15 things I’m far too lazy to do..”

  1. I realized that I am a lazy person. (pretend to be busy person).
    In addition yours (a) I wish I can upload photos regularly in FB. but in spite of requests from friends it takes years.
    (b) like my other friends in FB I wish to do some collage but never manage to do so.
    (c) many things like get rid off unused cloths from cupboard, I always keep those work for sunday. Then think sunday is for something better.
    (d) When typing message never have a look what I have typed and many times the message is annoyingly non understandable

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  2. this is the best thing ever because its so true. Im always like i need to take more pictures my boyfriend is cute and we do fun things and instead im like.. dude this bacon wrapped chicken is as big as my face THIS needs be captured for eternity


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