The most awkward moments in life…


  • When you meet someone for the first time with a friend, your friend goes in for a hug and you are just left there wondering if you should go in for a hug too.
  • When the the waiter walks toward you with food and you get excited and stare at the waiter but it turns out it’s not yours.
  • When you think somebody is waving at you, you wave back but it turns out they meant the person behind you.
  • When you join a group of people and they already have an inside joke and you’re just sat there smiling and nodding. 
  • When you accidentally go out wearing the same colour combination as your boyfriend/girlfriend. 
  • When you get caught rolling your eyes at someone.
  • When you try and tell your mum a funny story and she decides to take as a chance to give you a life lesson. 
  • When you bump into someone you kissed when you were 15 and haven’t spoken to since. 
  • When your trying to show of by doing something highly skilled and fabulous and then you fall and hurt yourself. 
  • When you accidentally insult someone by ‘gosh the person that cooked this must fecking crazy this is horrible’ and the cook is sat right next to you. 
  • When you meet new people, that you have definitely Instagram stalked and you accidentally ask them about their holiday in Ibiza before they even told you about it. 
  • When you call twins by the wrong name.
  • When you say ‘omg what is that woman wearing!’ Just to look down and realise you have the same kind of thing on. 
  • Having to meet someone soberly after last time they saw you, you were so wasted telling them everything about your love life and deepest darkest secrets.
  • When you can’t find enough change in the short amount of time it takes for it to be your turn in the bus queue.
  • When you have to go to the toilet when you in the cinema and you’re trying not to interrupt 100s of people’s viewing experience.
  • Waiting for your 1p change back. 

Love Robyn.

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19 thoughts on “The most awkward moments in life…”

  1. Actually, the third one about waving back when someone intended their wave for the person behind you. I do that on purpose to make the initial waver feel completely awkward. It’s really funny.

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  2. I do almost ALL of these nearly DAILY but I am old enough now that I just don’t care anymore and I embrace the awkwardness of my life and just laugh at myself! xoxox

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  3. I have to disagree with the boyfriend/girlfriend matching color scheme. This is a planned attack and doesn’t happen on accident lol.

    I enjoy your blog and look forward to following. If you like digital photography and flash fiction I hope you’ll consider following back 😉 keep sharing!


      1. Actually no we haven’t been to one yet! But actually what I meant in this post is when you both end up wearing blue tshrits and brown boots when you go out and don’t realise it

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      2. And that would be bad becauuuuuuuse…? Man you gotta own that when that happens. Haha. Then everyone who sees you goes “awwwww” and you’re the coolest couple ever.

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  4. Always go in for the hug. Worst that can happen is a weird hug, which women can always blame on the dude. Trust me, he’s wondering if he lingered too long in any one area. And whether or not he accidentally exhaled his taco lunch breath right in your face.

    Just some insight into how dudes hug 🙂


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