My inner monologue during yoga..

it’s no easy road, the road to bendy-ness.

1I have totally got my zen on oh and these new stretchy yoga pants from lulu lemon. It might have taken me 6 months after New Year’s Eve but I’m finally fufilling your news years resolution, yessssss!

2) New yoga mat is all laid, I mean really how hard can this be? It’s just a bit of stretching and after a few weeks I’ll definitely be able to do the splits. 

3) Downward facing dog, no problem although it does hurt my shoulders a bit, maybe I could just have a quick rest, oh no wait the teachers looking at me! Stop looking! 

4) So it might not be just laying on the floor like I expected but it’s definitely kind of relaxing…didn’t think there would be this much planking involved, hmm maybe next time I should bring someone so they can see how hard it is too.

5) MY BODY DOES NOT BEND THAT WAY! ugh why does everyone else look so fabulous and stretchy, okay no I’m not going to freak out, no I’m not, I’m just as good as everyone else. 

6) How are people touching their toes?! How?! 

7) I’m definitely going to eat so healthily after this class, definitely no carbs just green juice with spinach and shit in it 


8) okay well finally I like this laying down part a lot more, oh just rocking from side to side, perfect. I must be a natural (if we all just forget about the earlier more difficult parts).

Love Robyn. 

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14 thoughts on “My inner monologue during yoga..”

  1. This is hilarious! It combines the two greatest things in the world: yoga and Mean Girls!
    Keep at it and you’ll be doing the splits in no time 😉

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  2. Now that’s like it.
    My yoga teacher (once upon a time),was trying to get me to touch my toes with my head while in a butterfly pose.Now,obviously,I couldn’t do it.*eyeroll*
    You know what she did?!She stood on my bend thighs from behind so they would touch the floor and my head,my toes.I was like,I am not made from rubber,Lady!Stop it!Get down!She didn’t listen to me once.-.-
    It had hurt like hell.

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