A concise list of the best bits in life…


  • When you make a boiled egg, cautiously crack the top off and see that it’s all gooey and yellow on the inside. 
  • When you get to the bus stop imagining that you’ll have to wait there for ages and then a bus comes right away. 
  • When you got to buy a top not realising its reduced and you save yourself a fiver. 
  • When somebody gets you a ‘just because’ present. 
  • When you’re incredibly hangover and you realise that somebody lovingly left a cup of water beside the bed to help with chronic dry mouth. 
  • The feeling of getting in to fresh bedding on a night, ahhhh.
  • When you get into the cinema and the back row is still free.
  • When you find unexpected change in your coat pocket. 
  • When you’re cleaning out your room (boo) but you find loads of long lost treasures and funky little notes. 
  • When somebody lets you have the last bite of dinner/a sandwhich/a doughnut.
  • When you manage to take the lid off of Muller Cprner yoghurt without having any yoghurt on then lid. 
  • Cleaning your ears. 
  • When you realise you manage to sit through a whole dinner wearing white and didn’t manage to spill anything. 
  • Buying a new notebook and then writing in perfectly neat handwriting on the first page. 
  • When you’re walking down the street thinking ”oh it would be nice if there was a bin for this greggs wrapper’ and then you spot one on your route.
  • When you get home just before it starts absolutely throwing it down. 
  • When you turn onto a TV channel to see you’re just in time to watch a film and you didn’t even have to check.
  • Waking up on a Sunday and realise you can have a blissful day doing absolutely nothing. 
  • When you accidently wear matching underwear. 

Love Robyn.

Want another one? Here you go!

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