How to make your excuses sound better…


1) what you mean: my bank manager has said if I go anymore overdrawn I will owe money back till I’m 85.

A suitable excuse : ‘I would love to but I really have to stay in and adjust my finances’

2) what you mean: The paint of the kitchen wall is coming off so badly it’s starting to season my food and I think it might be poisonous. 

A suitable excuse: Yeah I have a pretty big renovation to complete, it’s a big job’

3) what you mean: I really just want to sit at home and wear pajamas. 

A suitable excuse: I’ve decided to have a very productive and constructive  me day at home. 

4) what you mean: Last time I ate at your house I got food poisoning and I’m not going through the that again.

A suitable excuse:  Well my new Paleo diet is really strict, I just don’t think I can handle the torture of being surrounded by your delicious food all evening.

5) What you want to say: if I have to sit through one more Ryan Gosling film I will tear my eyes out. 

A suitable excuse: Well I haven’t been to the theatre in ages, why don’t we go there?

6) what you want to say: I’m so hungover right now I really think I might chunder if I don’t go home right now. 

A suitable excuse: *looks at watch* oh have to run my bikram yoga class starts now. 

7) what you want to say: why on earth did I agree to go for a run with Sharon after work?! I’m definitely not going.

A suitable excuse: Oh Sharon, hey,wouldn’t it be nice if we had a really catch up this evening? Wine, chocolate and you know all that girly stuff??

8) what you want to say: No I’m not looking after your screaming child, I already have a headache from watching Peppa Pig on repeat. 

A suitable excuse: unfortunately I’ve got my hands full today with lots of other things and stuff and you know how it is, bye!.

9) what you want to say: I’ve seen the last 5 of your so called ‘plays’ I’m not doing it again. 

A suitable excuse: Oh well I was just so mesmerised by your last performance I can’t imagine you as any other character there’s really no point in me going! 

Love Robyn. 

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11 thoughts on “How to make your excuses sound better…”

  1. a friend of mine said to me today, mark, just don’t drink for 24 hours and go to a meeting. translation. mark, i don’t care to understand what you are telling me. just do what the fuck i am telling you to do……….lol

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