Signs you might not be as classy as you thought…

1) You have been known to drink a gallon of wine, it even said gallon on the box. Basically you drink wine out of a box. 


2) You have to shout this at people more than you would like. 


3)  You would mainly like it if you could just talk about your own problems all the time.

4) you have been know to drink mouthwash when the alcohol level was running dangerously low (in your body) .


5) You’re not the least it tactile when you’re talking about someone, you shout and make accidental impressions when they’re stood right behind you.

 6)You have public meltdowns and reveal one too many truths about yourself. 

7) You will argue until your blue in the face realise you’re wrong and argue even more. 

8) You use a lot of pet names especially when you’re drunk because you can’t remember people’s actual names.

9)    You take a lot of selfies and stare at your pretty little face for a long time.  And then show other people.

10) in times of crisis you will probably be lying on the floor in fetal position.

11) This is your life motto:

Love Robyn.

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5 thoughts on “Signs you might not be as classy as you thought…”

  1. I love these lists that you do robyn always a humorous edge for a smile and a giggle and a smidging of truth.😊


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