Let’s talk about breast….feeding. 


Yes I know shocking!! WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN?! 

If you all couldn’t get that I was being sarcastic then you probably don’t read my blog much but that’s okay you know now. 

Anyway this picture, which I think is rather lovely made the cover of Elle. 

And there were mixed reviews . Which I really can’t understand. 

Because we all see boobs used in adverts all the time and seemingly there’s no really gross outcry so why now? That is what boobs are there for…have we in fact over sexualised them so much that we’re forgetting that the main purpose of them is to feed a hungry baby? 

And why not put this on the cover? She’s still wearing beautiful clothes, and she is still modelling, only with a baby on her chest. 

Hmm well sadly the big Chiefs over at Elle only allowed this cover to be sent to Elle subscribers because they were worried people wouldn’t by it in supermarkets. Which made me wonder, if the kind of people that read your magazine are so grossed out by breastfeeding that they wouldn’t buy the magazine for that sole reason, shouldn’t you get some better readers?  

Anyway even if Elle did only send this out to a select few well done for trying to help normalise the normal! Maybe my faith in beauty magazines can be rebuilt (btw if you missed that post its here).

Where do you stand on this? 

Love Robyn. 

22 thoughts on “Let’s talk about breast….feeding. ”

  1. Breast feeding is a natural thing. We make a big deal about it here because breasts are a big deal to some people. It’s a natural thing and a reminder that breasts are about supporting life in as much as they are looked at sexually. (is it OK for a dude to say this?)


  2. I vote to free the boobies. We obsess over them quite a bit to turn around an be offended when we see some. Most people feel embarrassed because they are turned on by boobs but there is this baby thing in the way and that feels creepy. No need to punish the kids because we can’t process our feelings.

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  3. I guess it’s a step in the right direction.. I don’t read this stuff anyway, so I’m not a part of any “target audience.” I wouldn’t have ever seen this I don’t think, if you hadn’t posted it.

    I don’t know about it though, it kind of makes me uneasy. Not the breast-feeding, that’s totally normal and I don’t think society should be so damned squeamish about it. The bit that makes me uneasy is hard to put a finger on. I think it’s that she’s still hyper sexualized, and objectified. If they truly wanted to make a statement about breast-feeding, why couldn’t they make it a more “typical” situation? You know, popping out the boob while waiting in line for plane tickets/starbucks/insert other destination here, cause that baby just can’t wait. (Accentuated by all the awkward stares from the other people in line.) I don’t know, it feels like they made the baby just another prop. But I’m rambling…

    On the other hand, why couldn’t a mother also be sexual? Ugh. I’m over thinking this and about to start another ramble.

    One last thing though, I’m sure she’s still been photo-shopped, but I sincerely hope they didn’t photo-shop the baby. If so, there really is no hope.

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    1. Well I think it’s normal that these kind of thinks stir up emotions, tbh I think she looks quite relaxed and normal and genuinely not too oversexualised, maybe because she doesn’t look like the average mother with a young baby it seems a bit wrong and lavish but I guess she’s just trying to do both of her jobs: modelling and mothering. Thanks for stopping by and your thoughtful comment!x

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      1. I would never make my baby wait, if I ever have one, just to avoid offending other people’s sensibilities.

        Sensibilities ought to be turned on their heads every once in a while. If no one challenges the status quo, no one else ever learns there are different ways of doing things, and different ways to think.

        Too often we worry about “offending” someone, instead of worrying about more important things. Like, should this behavior really be considered offensive? What exactly about it has made others feel uncomfortable? Is their discomfort a reflection on me, or on themselves?

        Maybe everyone all around is just being a little too damn judgmental. Myself included. Live and let live. Pacifier or breast, it’s the mother’s choice not ours.

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      2. That’s really great! One more person with another snide comment bringing breastfeeding moms down. Your baby is crying while you’re busy doing you’re own thing-just give him a paci. As someone who CHOSE to give birth to a baby, I choose to give my baby what she needs, when she needs it it. Btw-not all babies will take a pacifier..especially ones with tongue ties.


  4. i did not know you could still breastfeed after a boob job.
    as for public breast-feeding, yes it is natural, but imho you can be discreet about it in public. peeing is normal too, but we’re awful happy no one thinks that natural act that *must* be broadcasted for us all, whether we want to see it or not. my mom was always whipping hers out to feed my brother when i was 12 and i think as a young teen i was grossed out and still really don’t want to see that. breast-feed in public all you want, but you don’t have to be in everyone’s face, do you?

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    1. Sometimes discreetness is not an option. If someone is offended, do they have to look? Idk I’d say get over it. It’s not like breast feeding mothers (in general) are whipping out their breasts and sticking them in random people’s faces.


  5. I was super excited to breastfeed my kid because finally the humongous fat bags on my chest would have a real purpose. That’s all I have to say. Lovely blog post as always darling!

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  6. One of my mom friends sat in a park with some other moms and breast fed their child. It was a great scene. The only problem? Public opinion sexualizies breasts as being sexual objects on a woman’s body. We see then not as carriers of sustinace for our children but as the things men like to play with during sex. We see them as being where our boyfriends (or girlfriends) like to put their mouths or as things to help draw attention to ourselves so we can get in the sack with someone.
    I’ve always wanted to breast feed because that is what my breasts are for. And yes, my boyfriend might like them, but he also likes my ass and also treats me as an intellectual human being. We see men walk around without shirts all the time but a woman is not allowed to because it can be a distraction and also harmful to children’s eyes.
    But I believe we should start owning it more and start educating people on what breasts really do.


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