When do girls start worrying about being strong?


Whether you’re a 7 year old girl or a 7 year old boy it doesn’t matter when it comes to climbing a tree, fighting over who goes next in Monoply or playing football, you’re doing it. You scrape your knees, you fall, you get muddy and when you’re a 7 year old girl that’s just how it should be. 

I realised this when I started working with children,between children as long nobody tells them any different it tends to be accepted in the world of kids that you’re all just the same (oh except for the fact that boys smell but you know…).

So at what point do girls get told to not run around after footballs? Not to get their hair out of place? Because at 7 years old it seemed like there was the perfect mix of ‘hold on I’m just going to get a new dress for my doll’ and ‘ok now we’re playing jungles’ but then after a while these girls seem to cotton on to what’s deemed ‘right’. They worry about clothes, hair and they generally stop competing with boys. 

But what happens? Is it just something that happens when a female matures? Or are we influenced by the people we see, the adverts, the media, so we all just accept that women ‘shouldn’t’ stronger or faster? Maybe if when we 

And will this ever really change? 

What do you think about this? 

Love Robyn. 

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