The 7 stages to ‘revising’

1) You have gone and bought highlighters In every shade, got everything out your bag and you feel surprisingly good about this. 

2) You open the first page and in that exact moment your phone pings. Phone why are you pinging?! You know I’m busy!! Okay ignore it. Ignore it. 


3) Did these pages get longer?!they definitely did, okay just concentrate it will get easier, see look how interesting-oh who am I kidding. 

4) Maye I just need some food, to recharge my batteries, yeah everything will be better after that. 

5) Okay belly full of food and I feel great, I am ready. I’ll just write down everything I know already…


6) I have done nearly 7 minutes of revising including food breaks, I’m not worried, definately not worried.  Just stay calm.

7.Right that’s enough, I deserve to check Facebook now. Bye bye Mr revision nice knowing you. 

  Love Robyn. 

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11 thoughts on “The 7 stages to ‘revising’”

  1. Gosh! I am revising too right now! What are you studying for?
    I have to sit for an exam that will allow me to become a university instructor on the 1st of July and I am doing everything I could to pass!

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    1. Aha well this was more written in spirit for my friends who have exams ATM, but my gap year finishes soon so it I start training to be a foreign language correspondent/assistant in August! Best of luckxx


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