Is it okay to have a big butt?


I feel like Butts have made a comeback over the past few years, like you can’t escape the Internet without seeing Kim Kardashians or Beyoncés, and when you might have managed to escape seeing a celebrity one there’s usually a workout video or an excersise routine to ‘build a better booty’ because yours could obviously do with some work.

 But what does that mean? Does that mean that it’s now easier to be more than a size 6? Does it mean that people are wanting to be ‘curvy’? 

Well in my opinion, no, no it’s not any easier. Because unlike in the 90s when the ideal body was Rachel from friends, which basically means being slim it’s now that you’re supposed to have a big butt as well. 

It’s just another thing to add to the list, skinny arms, 6 pack and now a  gravity defying arse with NO CELLULITE *cries and asks why God why?!’.

Sigh wouldn’t it be great if the next trend was just to be average? yeah I can’t wait for that one. Although I think magazines might have a hard time making ‘woman with normal sized butt wears leggings’ sound interesting. 

How do you feel about butts? (Hahaha) 

Love Robyn.

Want some giggles? Read this and this

49 thoughts on “Is it okay to have a big butt?”

  1. I love this post! Its so true why cant we just love eachother as who we are!
    why do trends always have to be about body shape and looks?
    Why cant the latest trend be positivity and being happy in your own skin?

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    1. I’m a,ways so happy that my posts really ignite a response in people, it’s seems like we all just want to be accord for who we are, we just have to keep wanting it!x


  2. We are what we are. All those famoys women use us for endorsing. We do not have money or resourses to look like them. We need to start developing our image for who we are.


  3. Everything has to be big now, have you heard? Big butt, big boobs, big lips, big thigh gaps…hmm, what else? And maybe I’m the glitch in the matrix because I am small everything. 😥


  4. LOL! I know the butt focus is something I just won’t be able to deliver on. The photos of celebrities poking their derrieres out are just ridiculous in my opinion. But we all need to be happy with what we’ve got.

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      1. I’m not trying to catch a case lol and plus, I have a woman my age. If I was single, I’d find a woman my age or older but never THAT young. She isn’t even legal! Even if she was legal, I still feel as if she’s too young for me lol

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  5. Did you watch the smy schumer video i posted in ‘everybody poops’? As far as I’m concerned her video says it all. 🙂 that said, ive been rowing for fun which happens to build a strong butt. I dont care about the twerk, i just want the perk. I think big butts make it easier. Round, like a woman’s made to be, not some stick figure. Amber rose and kim Kardashian are not skinny. Chicks put this in themselves. 9 out of 10 guys will say they like a woman with a real body. Places like pinup girl clothing recognize real bodies.


    1. I think you’re right that women should accept healthy shape but the bodies we see in the media are not always achievable which is just as negative as images of extremely slim women we have seen hundreds of times before.


    2. And I would argue that Kim Kardashian is very slim on top and she goes to the gym a lot and doesn’t allow her self treat foods, you get what you work for When you have the time and the money I guess but it doesn’t sound ,much fun to me xx


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