Are beauty magazines out of touch?


When I was 15 all I wanted to be was a fabulous writer for a glossy magazine, I had visions of living in London and owning huge handbags. 

But at the moment I have a bit of a problem with beauty magazines, I get the ‘sad-don’t-look-like-Emma-Watson’ feeling the more I flick through the glossy pages, they tell you endlessly to ‘Love your body!’ But on the same page they explain how to get a ‘butt like Kim’s!’. So what should I do? Should I celebrate my self, flaws and all or should I try to create a mutant body of Kim kardashians butt, Taylor Swifts stomach and Katy Perrys breasts?! What do you want from me?! 

And by reading these magazines and buying them I’m giving into the multi-million pound beauty magazine machine, that will endlessly tell people to accept their flaws but also at the same time ‘get rid of that pesky cellulite’ all just to make a cool dollar (don’t look at me like that people say ‘cool dollar’!).

So I decided to not buy them anymore. Nope. Because I don’t need to spend €2.20 to feel bad about myself or to look at clothes I can never buy, i can just go on Instagram for that and that’s free! 

I wish I was kidding, but seriously wouldn’t it be so so so much better if these magazines were all in all a bit more normal? If instead of 6 foot tall gazelle like supermodels (although I have no problem with 6 foot tall gazelle like supermodels) wearing clothes that probably cost a years worth of rent and having articles on the latest hydro facial at a top London spa, you could actually you know read things you cared about? 

What’s your stance on beauty magazines?

Love Robyn.

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11 thoughts on “Are beauty magazines out of touch?”

  1. Robyn, I couldn’t agree with this more! There’s this unspoken ideal that everyone searches for, which isn’t spoken about in through this type of medium.

    The regulations are getting but still a lot to be done!!
    Great post, keep them coming 🙂

    R x

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  2. I’m a guy but I still read my girl’s Cosmopolitan ~ is that a beauty magazine? How the hell would I know? But some of the stuff in Cosmo’ is so unrealistic as to be almost insulting to a real person.

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  3. Another thing that I have noticed about beauty and fashion magazines, at least French ones, they are all full with white female models, and they rarely portray black or Arab or Asian females. I used to buy them from time to time but when I noticed this I decided not to buy them anymore. I am North African Arab and I find that most of the tips and advice provided in those magazines does not correspond to my body shape and skin tone. I am not aware of any magazine that’s multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-body-shape. Perhaps we can start one?

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    1. Hmm this one pondered me so I just had a flicked through one and to be honest no they’re not very diverse, although probably more diverse than a few years ago. Haha that would be great!x


  4. You’re right to note the contradictions. I subscribe to ELLE and HARPER’S BAZAAR but I flip through them because I think they’re incredibly beautiful magazines. I don’t read them. I also design underwear so there’s that aspect too. But, yeah, if I read them I’d probably be climbing the walls with all the mixed messages those magazines shell out.


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