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21 things you do if you’re terribly disorganised….


Ironically this is a list something us unorganised folk fail to do…

1) You’re clothes don’t exactly have an order, and you have engineered a fully functioning ‘floordrobe’ into your bedroom. 

2) when you were a kid, your letters always were left in your tray until summer when it was then you realised you had to have quite a few return slips to hand back in October.

3) you drive organised people absolutely mad when they see your folders/PC files/ under your bed. 

4) You’re so used to forgetting things on a morning, you schedule in an extra 5 minutes to panic find things. 

5) You make strong claims that you ‘must have never gotten a sheet’ it’s a lie, it’s sat on your desk right where you forgot it this morning. 

6) You describe your bag as an ‘organised chaos’ and laugh but really you know it’s just a right mess. 

7) If it wasn’t for Facebook reminding you of important dates and birthdays you would have absolutely no clue.

8) Its usually 20 minutes before you have to leave that you realise your shirts dirty and you have absolutely nothing to wear.

9) People never ask You what you’re doing next Friday, instead they’ll ask your friend/other half/ mum because chances are they know.

10) unless somebody sends you a text to remind you to do something, you will forget about it. 

11) You have genuine panick attacks when somebody puts you in charge to look after something because there is a high chance you’ll lose it.

12) you get really really offended when people accuse you of being disorganised. 

13) You have no problem with living in chaos you just give into peer pressure every now and again and tidy up. 

14) you have made more than one New Years revolution to be more organised but it didn’t last longer than 2 days.

15)Food diaries, gym timetables, don’t last very long because either you forget to fill them in or you lose interest after a week. 

16) Even when you know you’ve got to be somewhere and you have to bring something important you’d rather sit down until right before you have to leave rather than get it organised in the first place.

17) you’re mum has a panic attack every time she walks into your room. 

18) you’ve lost more socks, hair bobbles, Chargers and nail polishes than you even remember buying. 

19) You have to bring a list to the supermarket otherwise you’ll forget what you needed and buy Jaffa cakes instead.

20) Your calendar is not technically a calendar, it’s more just a list of things you can remember in your head. 

21) You are the librarians arch enemy for the amount of late books and fines you owe. 

Love Robyn.
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14 thoughts on “21 things you do if you’re terribly disorganised….”

  1. Hahahahaha! This is completely me you just described. I finally got my library fines down under twenty dollars…when they told me I could go ahead and check out a book, I said “Are you SURE that’s a good idea?”

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  2. I am 48 years old and this is pretty much my life story! Lol! You are too funny! I just think we’re disorganized because we’re too busy being wicked fabulous geniuses!

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