Extreme Modelling.

No that’s not a spin off of ‘British next top model’ or my new idea for a TV game show (silently sends emails to BBC) it’s what I see this whole modelling thing as. 

Recently you’ve probably seen is woman’s beautiful face:

That is Tess Holiday and she just got signed by MILK, I’m informed that that’s a modelling agency. 

You would have had to be living on Mars to miss out on all the ‘uproar’, the fat shaming, the thin shaming and redefining beauty standards. Well I think we might have all been a little bit tricked by those lucrative advertisers, who actually definitely do want everyone to know about their product: MILK (modelling agency- not the dairy product). 

In my opinion this is not the beginning of recreating body ideals, in my opinion Tess is doing her job, she’s not an average size 14 woman because ‘average’ doesn’t sell in the hard world of beauty and modelling. MILK know that having a beautiful woman is not enough to increase attention, they need to go to the extreme in order to compete with the competitors and gain public attention. 

And hasn’t it done just that? I now know the name of a modelling agency that I previously wouldn’t have cared about because of this woman and her advertising campaign. Which is a win for MILK but I’m not sure who else. 

Maybe Tess Holliday is a beacon of modern day female empowerment, but I also think it’s a sad moment for the UKs average woman, a size 14, because she’s not the skinniest but she’s not the biggest size and so who represents her? Who represents the women that walk down the street, the size 12s, 16s, 10s? Does promoting one look and appearance over another actually do anything to redefine beauty? Or is it again just another example of fashion being only for the elite? 

In my opinion we should celebrate Tess Holliday, for helping millions of women feel a little more empowered but I just hope this helps everyone move forward in accepting EVERYONES beauty ideals not just extremes, that’s okay if you’re not a size 6 and if you’re not a size 22, that it is in fact okay to be in the middle.  

Where do you stand on this? 

Love Robyn.

27 thoughts on “Extreme Modelling.”

  1. I did miss the uproar, but it’s been ongoing in one form or another throughout history. It’s an important debate. My thought is that perhaps we should redefine what we personally find attractive or representative of beauty. Then eventually it won’t matter what images are thrown at us. We will see the entire industry for what it is and avoid those images that don’t equate with our need to maintain a healthy sense of self-worth. I actually wrote a poem about it recently. You may be interested – just delete it if you are not. Thanks for stopping by my blog, it was a pleasant surprise to read this article. I like your style.

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  2. Women are the hardest critic against themselves and other women. Some clothes sits nicely on a thin body and some clothes neatly on the larger body.

    Thats why we are trying our clothes before we buy it.

    Who are we taking our clothes on for…? Women or men….?

    Men love women… Regardless of size… They just love Women

    Even in this matter, the size does not matter…

    The materialistic world Would that we buy as much as possible.
    But we should not buy it because of guilt.

    Free your mind and the rest will follow.

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  3. I agree that we should be embracing all body types. This is coming at a time when there’s a lot of buzz about the “dad-bod” and how we’re more accepting of men with different body types, but still have a long ways to go accepting women of all shapes and sizes.


  4. i think this is a real tricky area… I am not sure how i feel on it exactly.. its like the protien world ads that people went mad about or the models on runway.. they are bycotting the extremely skinny models as it gives an unhealthy view/ body shames or leads towards anorexia.. and then there is the extremely overweight being promoted but this is surely just as unhealthy..(if my experience with food is anything to go on haha) its a really tough area to think on as you can offend people easy by saying someone looks unhealthy.. however each to their own and in an ideal world we would all love ourselves no matter what our size and shape. its hard to promote heathy without unknowingly insulting a body type as we all come in so many different sizes… its a tricky world we live in! But we are all beautiful in our own way 🙂


  5. I think it’s great women are being empowered, but those of a smaller build should never be made to feel wretched. I always find that calling a girl ‘fat’ is a crime again society but to mock a girl for being to skinny is considered acceptable? I think there needs to be a balance of equality

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  6. I think it’s refreshing that we have different pictures of beauty. But I also don’t think we have to celebrate one extreme over another.
    It’s hard to speak without knowing another person’s story.. Fat shaming, skinny blaming, whichever end of the spectrum people stand on and make judgments, is wrong. Let’s just work on being our healthiest selves.

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  7. People come in all shapes and sizes. If it is about equality then we need to adjust our concept of acceptance to match the human race. So many companies have it down that if the woman is not the size of a twelve year old, it won’t sell. That is just wrong. And we wonder why so many no longer fit into society and why people, mostly young people, are bullied the way they are. Ms. Holliday looks fine. Create article young lady!


  8. You know I started off as ‘plus size’ model (size 12) for a few high street brands. I soon learnt that the only reason zero is a standard size is because it’s less money for materials and less time with dress fittings and what not.

    I also realised that plus size modelling is a just a lot of hype for PR and attention seeking.

    I wish the general public would realise that these advertising companies and brands make money regardless and, don’t give a damn about their customers well being…

    I left the industry recently because being told I wasn’t allowed to loose or gain weight takes its toll mentally. It’s my body I’ll do what I please.

    I would like to see the industry quit with their labelling and promote healthy size according to a person’s height and lifestyle.

    And that’s why I turned off my TV, stopped reading fashion magazines and hide out in the countryside away from what people deem as acceptable.

    You are right it is extreme!

    Thanks for your follow! X

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    1. Yeah it’s a very old fashioned system but I think more and more people are getting bored of being told what’s beautiful and what’s not! I hope things really do lead to change x


  9. I have dated women on both ends of the spectrum, from a size “0 to 28”. I am attracted to what is inside a woman’s head and how she uses it. I am pushing 60 and find women with tattoo’s, piercings, orange, blue, purple spiked/shaved hair to be extremely attractive. Alternative models are walking canvasses. Individuality is our God given right as well as a Constitutional right that should be recognized and not criticized. She looks amazing and I love her style!

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  10. Agree – it’s like others commented here as well. It’s us women against women that make this such an issue. Throughout history we were given that ‘lovely’ (not) – lol gene of bitterness/resentment. Men ‘used to be’ fortunate that they didn’t have that gene, but I’ve noticed that has changed (in history) as well. She is a beautiful woman, and yes when bustier’ed, makeup and great lighting/photography, most of us can shine as well. I commend her for being a ‘new model’, and agree that the little skeleton’s of Victoria Secret styles need to change. But why is AVERAGE a nasty word?

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    1. I know! I hate woman on woman hate, it’s such a shame after all these years we can’t just support each other, we have enough problems in the world we don’t need each other! Tess looks great! And I don’t think it is,mo think it just has connotations of uninteresting which can be quite offensive. Thanks for you comment, loved hearing from you!x


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