18 signs you might love cats more than people 


1) Not only do you let your cat sleep in the same bed as you, it most likely has more of the pillow than you and you’re too soft to say anything. 

2) You know exactly when your cats birthday is and you buy it presents and a card…even though it can’t read. 

3) You refer to it as your ‘fluffy baby’. 

4) You feel genuine pangs of sadness when you try and give your cat a cuddle and it does anything in its power to get out of it. 

5) When the cat runs away from your loving cuddle you might shout things like ‘come back and love me fur baby!!’ 

6) Your Instagram is 90% pictures of your cat and 10% cat memes. 

7) Your cat doesn’t just get any old tesco value cat food, it gets that fancy one that has a cute cat on the advert and probably contains chicken and liver. 

8) Even if you’re wearing an ensemble of all black velvet, you will still pick your cat up until you are covered head to toe in hair. 

9) When people call your cat ugly you cover its ears…just in case it hears. 

10) You’re not sure if you miss your parents or your cat more since you moved out. 

11) You even sit still and happy when the cat does that horrible claw digging in thing on your leg, 

12) You would probably go half half with your cat on steak night. 

13) If your cat falls asleep on your shoulder then you won’t move for 3 hours. 

14) Your cat has its own pillow and blanket and rug etc. 

15) You’re most recent search in Google was ‘funny cat videos’ and you did probably share that on Facebook. 

16) When you go on holiday you have frantic fears about the safety of your fluffy friend. 

17) You can’t watch shows about rescue cats because you might cry and adopt 6. 

18) You’re probably the girl at the party that sits around with all the pets instead of talking to real people.

love Robyn.

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14 thoughts on “18 signs you might love cats more than people ”

  1. Aaaah. Cats make me sneeze. My cousin has SO MANY, it’s like she runs a literal catphanage (cat orphanage. I made that word up. Lol.) And every time one cat goes out, it comes back with half a dozen. Jee. Zus.

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  2. They’re warm, they’re snuggly and they don’t take up my whole bed the way a three year old does. Sure they may like to sleep by dangling their tongue into my ear… but who doesn’t?

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