You’re a bad hungry person if… 

  • When your tummys growling you just can’t seem to be rational, you missed the bus? CRY. You forgot your bus pass. CRY. It’s a cruel and heartless world out there.

    • You know what it’s like, it’s 9 in the morning and you already want your 11 o clock snack, somebody wants to talk to you, you throw a pen at their head, it’s okay we’ve all been there.

      • You have eaten a packet of crisps. Then five minutes later you might in a fit of hunger and longing proceeded to lick the packet


      • What is the point in even being at work when you forgot your lunch? 


      • When somebody asks you to do something but all you can think about is food and that you already do SOOO much.


      •  It’s both that you’re not an ’emotional person’, for example ‘hungry’ is an emotion and you feel very strongly about that.


      • Dieting to you means weeks of hunger and missing carbohydrates, you just don’t get it. 


      • The fact that you can order food online means that you can reduce the chance of humans annoying you or your hungry belly. 


      • The first thing you will most definitely ask at a social gathering or meeting is ‘is there food?’ Or When the answer is no, a hopeful ‘will there be food?’


      • You are probably more excited about the birthday cake than the birthday boy/girl, because cake.


      Love Robyn

      10 thoughts on “You’re a bad hungry person if… ”

        1. Hello, I’m very grateful for the award but I’ve already been nominated for this award and would like to give you the chance to nominate another little blog and help them out too! But thankyou it really is very lovely of you x


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