You’re a ‘oh Idk where all my money goes’ type of person when..

  • You have done a mental calculation at the end of the month of student finance and how much you need to eat etc and it left you feeling light headed and queasy,


  • You have maybe thought about going out less but came to the conclusion pre-drinking more is a better way to save money.

  • When people say things like ‘ooh do you really need to go to Topshop so much ‘ or ‘out for lunch, again?!’ Your response usually involves an eye roll.


  • What about getting a part time job?! Oh wait your skills include waking up at 4pm and smushing 2 cheeseburgers together to make a bigger cheeseburger.


  • When people invite you to do not drinking related things you are a) suspicious and b) want to know how much it costs. 


  • You start to refer to the testers in Sainsbury’s as ‘starters’.


  •    You accidently make the mistake of asking your mum for financial advice and she tells you to stop going to Starbucks and Greggs. 


  • Even though you’re not entirely sure when or what you’re going to be, you know exactly how you’re going to spend your money when you’re rich.


  • You will go to free events at uni or anywhere just in case there might be free food, or pens, or biscuits…


  • You’re the friend that nobody ever bothers asking for money


  • You would rather have ramen noodles for lunch just so you can afford a £7 cocktail with the girls later on..


  • You wonder at what point you turn into Kim Kardashian  and people just pay you for being there.


  • You’re not good at saving money for serious things…


  • It’s a regular mental battle between affording rent and buying wine, ahah well. 


Love Robyn

4 thoughts on “You’re a ‘oh Idk where all my money goes’ type of person when..”

  1. Hey but at least you can walk away from those years being damn thrifty in your 30s and living like a royalty as a family of 3 on one income for 11 years! Take from a (decently) wise old me.


      1. I do my best lol! 😂 I bought a raincoat for $15 at a thrift store a couple of weeks ago and it had $15 in the pocket! I felt like I won the lottery. It was essentially free at that point.

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