Expectations vs reality: high school

i think it was fair to say that when we were 11, we all had some hopes and dreams about what high school would reallllly be like. It’s safe to say now we were completely wrong.

The uniform:



Reality: Your mum took you at the end of the summer to buy your uniform, 4 sizes too big just so there was ‘room to grow’,you could never have gone through the awkward growing/puberty phase with dignity dressed like a nylon square, never. 

Getting on the school bus


Reality: you had watched a fair bit of Disney channel, which just set you up for a fall. Disney channel failed to mention the pushing, sweatiness and bigger kid hierarchy that would prevent you from getting a seat for the foreseeable future. 

The school canteen


Reality: It was all going to be great, you actually had money, real actual money for lunch! But it wasn’t…it was waiting in line, dry chicken and not being able to find a seat. A bit like being on the school bus but with dry chicken. 

The PE department



Reality: so so so so cold, especially having to sit on the floor in lines, whilst you got your uniform checked. Also I think it’s safe to say we expected more climbing walls and yoga classes because obviously high school was soooo grown up but instead it was actually an abundance of broken badminton nets and hockey. 

The school pool 


Reality: the reality was a cold, usually dark and small pool that you couldn’t use in winter because it was iced over or that much any other time because members of the public  would be there doing the butterfly.




Reality: At 11 you’d seen one too many films and even though it was years away you knew it was just gunna be amazing. In reality it was less glamorous and more getting drunk on cheap wine. But nobody is complaining there. 

Love Robyn. 

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