5 reasons to abandon the Daily Mails ‘Femail’ section 

Although you probably already know these ones….


1) OH GOSH DID YOU SEE HER DROOPY EARS?! no. Nobody cares about droopy ears, this is just another perfect example of the Daily Mail playing on the tiniest of women’s insecurities, even women aren’t even the slightest bit bothered about their ears. Wow such world class journalism. (Also does anybody else understand what they have against Madonna?!)


2) just look at the headline about Ultimo, it ACTUALLY includes the phrase ‘and no, that doesn’t mean fat’. Thanks Daily Mail, because everybody was realllllly worried that they might have to look at ‘fat’ real people *note sarcasm*. 


3) Sadly Victoria Beckhams latte is not quite in the region of hard hitting news, in fact I’m not really sure how there is even enough infomation on the Latte for a WHOLE article. Obviously Madonna was having a good ear day and there was no one to pick on. 


4) Obviously Crotch shots always indicate professional journalism, why not take advantage of an opportunity to mock an innocent Eastender’s star by sticking a camera between her legs?! Oh and now it’s Liz Hurleys turn because obviously at the grand age of 42, how could she possibly ever wear a bikini without photoshop?! Well done Daily Mail, because in a 21st century world we still need to be this shallow. 


5) Well thank goodness somebody finally did an article on this, I’ve been walking around in my apron crying over my petty attempts at egg boiling wondering WHEN WILL I MASTER THIS ART, I’LL NEVER FIND A HUSBAND?! I have absolutely no idea in the point of this article, unless it’s to show the sheer backwardness of the Daily Mail?!

Love Robyn

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