20 things that always seem to take the longest time 


  • Waiting for your toenails to dry because you let your magazine (the one you were going to read whilst said toenails were drying) at the other side of the room. 
  • The last 30 seconds on the microwave. 
  • The time until you get home and you’ll be able to take your painful shoes off, because they’ve been hurting since you stepped out the front door. 
  • Running a bath, it seems like those things take bloody years and they’re always too hot. 
  • The time it takes to walk up that hill to your house (you know the one I mean).
  • The time it takes between buying a McDonald’s, and being able to sit down. Because why are all the tables full?! 
  • The run up the steps when you’re bursting for a wee…do I live in Wonderland?! Why are there so many steps?! 
  • The bit where you get off the bus and the seemingly short walk that turns into miles to your house. 
  • The time it takes the waiter to walk towards you, and the heartbreak when it turns out it’s not your food. 
  • The queue in the shop when you ‘just wanted to grab something quick’ .
  • Waiting for the washing machine to be finished (although I swear washine machines have a different idea about ‘1 minute’).
  • When you wake up 10 minutes before your alarm and you sit there and worry about how soon your alarm is going to go off.
  • The glorious heartbreaking wait for roast potatoes. 
  • When you’re on a diet and you’re waiting for the hours to pass till lunchtime (Greek yoghurt does not fill anyone up).
  • Waiting in the dentists and you can hear the drilling and washing sounds and you know you’re next (and that you’ve probably drank too many vodka-coke recently.) 
  • Jogging, you feel like you’ve been running miles and for hours, so long that people are going to wonder where you are and then you look at your watch and it’s only been 7 minutes. 
  • Waiting for a cheesecake to defrost. Or any kind of delicious cakey goodness. 
  • The two minutes in between you getting to the bus stop and your bus arriving. 
  • The time it takes for that series you’ve been watching to finally reveal all and come to an end. 
  • The time it takes to get the shop when it shuts in 5 minutes. Come on legs! Walk faster all you’ll never get Jaffa Cakes!

Love Robyn

8 thoughts on “20 things that always seem to take the longest time ”

  1. “The time it takes the waiter to walk towards you, and the heartbreak when it turns out it’s not your food.”

    Yes! Thank you.



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