Things that always happen and will never ever change…


  •  Your shoe will make a farty noise and everyone will think you just farted and you won’t be able to make the farty shoe noise again.
  • Just as you’re getting in the shower, the door will ring , and it will be the package you’ve been waiting in all day. 
  • Only in the 10 minutes before you’re expecting a very important call from a very important person will you realise your phones dying. 
  • Your friends sandwich will always look better than yours.
  • Your printer will jam or run out of ink or turn into a robot just when you need it.
  • Only as your at the checkout will you realise that the juice costs £1.99 not 99p…and you only have the latter. 
  • The shirt you need for that job interview? Oh yeah that’s in the wash.
  • That dress you promise yourself when you finally got paid and hadn’t spent all your money on wine, will be sold out in that second. 
  • That day you forgot to check your bus pass? You just forgot your bus pass! 
  • It’s always half way through the cake when you realise that you don’t have any sugar. 
  • You will always forget the voucher you got for your birthday when you go shopping. 
  • When you take a certain amount of money out to get some food shopping, it will cost 12p more and you’ll have to put that lonely onion back. 
  • The recording of the most important final episode in the series will have run out of space and stopped recording 35 minutes in. Nooo.
  • The day you optimistically wear converse, will be the day doe the heavens to open, all the mud! 
  • Those trusty blue jeans will rip…but only when you’re in the middle of the street. 
  • Only when you’re in a rush for the bus you will forget if you locked the door properly and do an emergency run back up all them stairs, pass out at the top just to realise you had…oh and then miss the bus. 
  • The day you fancy cereal will be the day that the milk finally turns. 
  • You will have started eating dinner before  you realise it’s Instagram worthy.
  • Never will the nail designs in Pinterest look as good when you try them at home.
  • You will optimistically leave your charger at home when you stay at friends, just to disappointed they have an IPhone not a Samsung. 

Love Robyn. 

15 thoughts on “Things that always happen and will never ever change…”

  1. All. Of. These. Especially the farting noise the shoe makes. Once, while I was putting up a bulletin board at work, this girl walked by as my shoe made a farting noise and she said, “ugh!” And I just had to ignore it because explaining it would make it too big of a deal, but it was my shoe and not me… such a sad day.

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    1. I feel your pain ! The farting shoe (excellent new name) happened to me yesterday, and I continued to try and get it to continue to be a farting shoe for 20 minutes without luck! Some things aye

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  2. The farting shoe one gets me every time! or maybe I just fart a lot – I’m going with the shoe excuse… every time.


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