You know you’re a language student when you..


  • You can’t tell someone where the town hall is but you do know what the plusquamperfekt is.
  • You are constantly swapping being English or french or Spanish or German and sometimes you just need a sit down. 
  • Your friends will just ask you to ‘speak French then’ which involves saying ‘what shall I say?’ But in French. 
  • You are now perfectly happy to have cheese and bread for dinner because soooo European. 
  • You get a bit too excited when you see a foreign word that looks like an English word. 
  • You suddenly realise how many weird expressions and idioms are in English. 
  • When you go to Spain you are families personal tour guide and translator (because obviously you know EVERYTHING) .
  • You get kind of confused and annoyed when you see signs or slogans in English (when you’re in another country because that’s tooooo easy). 
  • When you’re studying people asking you questions in English really fucks with your brain.
  • You have been know to say ‘oui’, ‘Si’ or ‘ja’ in response to questions. 
  • Your mum will see a foreign word and turn and ask ‘ooh what does that word mean?’. 
  • You probably know more about the politics or culture of the country you’re studying than you do about your home country. 
  • You find yourself deconstructing  people’s German sentences to see if it’s ‘akkusativ’ or not. 
  • You can’t help it dabble in other languages, like a little linguistic butterfly.
  • You probably cannot answer the question ‘ooh what you gunna do after studying?’.
  • Sometimes  you spend a but too much time staring at an English word because you’ve got a bit confused.
  • You own perhaps too many dictionaries (probably because as soon your mum found out you’ll study French she bought all the pocket dictionaries that Oxfam had).
  • You finally know what the Spanish words on bottles of red wine mean. 
  • You start to realise how stupidly simple English is. 
  • You try to read foreign magazines but you’re not bothered because you don’t know who any of the celebrities are anyway.

Love Robyn

6 thoughts on “You know you’re a language student when you..”

      1. Basically m still at school – awaiting my 10th grade results – but I can relate to it as there’s a frnd of mine who keeps moaning abt this (she’s done her courses in spanish french and german I guess) ! Wat abt you..??


  1. Haha I teach English as a New Language and I always tell my students that no matter which country you go to “Where is the bathroom?” Is the first thing you should learn.


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