Things that go through your head when you’re hungover 


If you’re anything like my friend of a friend (obviously not me) and you have a bit of a sore head this might apply to you right now 

  • This is what the cast of Geordie Shore must feel like ALL the time.
  • I’m dying. I need to check my medical insurance. This is it, the light, I can see the light. 
  • If I could just sleep in a bread bun and be surrounded by burger, my life would be 100% better. 
  • On the other hand food is the devil. I’m gunna be sick. 
  • I feel like my eyeballs are covered in sand paper. Is that a thing?! 
  • It’s okay I can be a functioning human being. When I have to. If I need to.
  • I’m quite worried about doing burps. If you know what I mean.
  • But work really isn’t ideal today, maybe if I have a sausage roll and a Capri sun I would feel better. 
  • I feel like my kitchen shouldn’t look like that. I can’t move for all the bottles. 
  • I think the alcohol might be coming out the pores on my face. And poisoning me. 
  • Maybe I can use this bottles as fancy kitsch candle holders, I’ll definitely do that. 
  • I think my face might be hungover.
  • There is actually no water in my mouth, or in my body. There’s just sand. I’m a big bag of sand. 
  • Please tell me I don’t need i sneeze. When I sneeze I think my brain might fall out. 
  • I can’t actually not even remember why I just opened this cupboard door. 
  • That is probably one of the last times I even drink. Or one of the last times I mix my drinks. 
  • If i could just drag my achey smelly body to the shower I would be okay. 
  • Would be okay to eat that bit  of kebab that I’ve been sleeping on? It’s been gently warmed by my cheek and tears. 
  • I smell really badly.

If anybody has any hangover remedies (for my friend of a friend) they would be really gratefull (preferably ones that don’t include raw eggs), love Robyn.

9 thoughts on “Things that go through your head when you’re hungover ”

  1. Hey!

    I tried the Ying Yu Jade Facial roller as I wanted it for myself but when I read it was good for hangovers I thought it was a win win as my boyfriend suffered from hangovers every weekend! All you do it roll it up and down your neck and it actually helps; tons of how to videos out there. He drinks a whole bottle of water before bed then I use this in the morning so maybe tell your friend of a friend to try that trick out.


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  2. What was going through my head was why I had to put my hand over one eye to read this post. Welll done.


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