15 things you shouldn’t say (or do) to someone who wears glasses…


I’ve literally been wearing glasses as thick as bottle tops for the last 17 years,

  • Making the social faux par of stealing someone else’s glasses and then asking ‘ooh I bet I look really weird?!’ Thanks. 
  • ‘You need to eat more carrots, don’t you?!
  • ‘Everything’s reaaaaly blurry, wait is this how you see without glasses’
  • ‘Eyyup speccy4eyes’ 
  • Don’t ask if they’re just for fashion, even if they are, it’s  a fashion secret best left unsaid. 
  • ‘WOW are you really that blind?!’ 
  • ‘You did look like a young Deirdre Barlow as a child’ 
  • ‘I bet you have to take the, off when you got on rollercoasters’ (yes.) 
  • Ask people to take their glasses off, when they do stand their ask ‘how many fingers am I holding up?!’ 
  • Please don’t grab other peoples glasses and THEN ask if you can try them on (even though it’s no in both cases).
  • ‘Have you got a little chain for your glasses? My grandma has one of those’
  • Don’t take someone’s glasses off of them and then hold them above your head so they can’t have them back, that’s just mean. 
  • ‘Ooh you look so much better with contact lenses’.
  • ‘I bet you’re really good at maths’ or ‘do you want to be a librarian when you’re older?’ 
  • ‘Do you have to get specially made goggles when you go swimming??’ (I don’t even know if they exist…).
  • ‘Do you think Hipsters have  helped people with glasses look less nerdy??’ 
  • ‘So can you see really well because you wear glasses?!’ No I can see just as well as an average human being.

Love Robyn.

22 thoughts on “15 things you shouldn’t say (or do) to someone who wears glasses…”

  1. “Oooh, you look so much better with contact lenses.” <— can we ban this one? Seriously! I used to have such a complex about wearing glasses when I was a kid, thanks to people who said crap like that. This post is so me. 🙂

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  2. My parents have reading glasses and I have a friend who wears glasses and I do my best not to make a big deal. Honestly, I think glasses make you look cool. I don’t understand why people make these unnecessary comments.

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  3. Your post made me laugh, even tho I grew up with a lot of these hurtful things.
    I think the worst was when I finally did get contact lenses, my “friends” told me I looked better in glasses!! 🙂


  4. I hate the making me guess the fingers your holding up. They don’t like mutate when my glasses are off, they just look like blurrier fingers! People with perfect vision are spoiled.

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    1. Haha I hate when people would hold up 4 fingers and ask me and I would say 4 and then they would turn around and say ‘haha no 3! The thumb isn’t a finger’ grrr


  5. OMG too funny. I wear glasses and half of these have happened to me. I’ve had hearing aides too, since I was 30 (hearing loss from cancer radiation) and old people always ask “Aren’t you too young for those?” Not if you can’t hear without them, LOL! Usually I just jokingly respond “Pardon?”

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