Things that can now happen because of the Internet 


The Internet is a weird and abundant place which has probably, most likely, stopped us  being socially functioning human beings, but who would want it any other way?! 

  • Being able to order a pizza, without having to physically, actually talk to anyone or have money in your pocket, annnnnd whilst wearing pyjamas. THE DREAM. 
  • You can look at videos of strangers pets doing silly things.
  • Being able to send pictures of your friends chunder for 13 seconds to other friends around the world. 
  • Know everything about someone (e.g what primary school they went to annnnnd if they have a job) all before you even go on a date with someone. Thanks Facebook. 
  • Be able to find out what’s happening in the world, without getting out of bed on the morning and all in 140 characters. Newspapers were a flawed plan in the first place really.
  • Being able to talk to your family from thousands of miles away. And when I say talking I mean ‘hello, mum, can-can you see me?!’. 
  • Finally being able to see that Beyoncé eats avocado on toast just like you for breakfast!! 
  • Never having to sit their and wonder ‘eh, what films she been in again??’ Because Wikipedia. 
  • You can order clothes from China that cost £4 and then complain again on the Internet that they don’t fit or look bad.
  • You can download apps that let you upload pictures of yourself and see how you look with different hairstyles. I’m sorry but more what do you want?!
  • Being able to spy on your entire high school class and not even have to put any effort in. 
  • Never have to wait for a final series of a programme,  YOU NEED TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS NOW AND THE INTERNET IS GOING TO HELP YOU. 
  • Being able to actively ignore the people in the same room as you and look like you’re actually doing something. 
  • Learn exactly how long to boil an egg for (when your mums not their to ask of course) .
  • Learn how to dye your hair exactly like Lauren Conrads.
  • ….Learn how to fix your hair after that time you tried to dye your hair exactly like Lauren Conrads.
  • Being able to tweet celebrities, because your basically one of them anyway and why don’t they just follow you back already?) 
  • You can find out what the weather is like and not even have to open the curtains.

Love, Robyn.

11 thoughts on “Things that can now happen because of the Internet ”

  1. I love the fact that I can actually converse with someone halfway around the globe (such as yourself) and I can quickly google terms like chunder (which we Americans have no effing clue as to what that means). I am still chuckling!

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