15 times when Liz Lemon has perfectly described your life

If you don’t know who Liz  Lemon is, you need to watch 30 Rock. Okay?! 


When you get those random bouts of tears and nobody understands why: 

When people try and try and bring up your mistakes:   

When you realise you are actually turning into an old woman:  

When somebody doesn’t invite you to something (ANDYOU ARE TOTALY OKAY WITH IT) 


  When you have a total inability to deal with humans and life( and a flare for being dramatic) 


When you get over excited and feel the need to dance  

When you realise you might like food more than the opposite sex  

When you accidently sound  anti-feminist and you have to defend yourself



  when you totally have your shit together and nobody can stop you

How you feel when somebody is asking about how your diet is going 

Not being great at being a female


How you feel when you see anybody below the age of 16


When you realise your idea of ‘fun’ might be different to everybody else’s


  When you make the mistake of trying to be cool (down with the kids) 


When somebody wonders why you don’t know any political or current events: 


love, Robyn.

6 thoughts on “15 times when Liz Lemon has perfectly described your life”

  1. Love this! We are currently re-watching the entire show. My 11 year old son loves it just just as much as me and my husband do! Liz Lemon forever!

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  2. 30 Rock makes me smile. And laugh uncontrollably. I had a “10 at night!” situation yesterday when a college guy invited my friends and I to a concert that wasn’t starting until 10:30pm. He asked what we were all doing at 10:30 and unanimously we (all of us at least 30 years old) said sleeping. Then he tried to entice of us a tequila tasting. ‘Cause that’ll win over the old people. Sidebar: have you seen Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt? Also created by Tina Fey. Also hilarious.


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