Expectations VS reality 

Here is the cold hard truth: 


Expectations: wow so cool and all the flowery headbands, flouncing around like Alexander Chung all weekend.

Reality: peeing in portaloos that even a dog wouldn’t use (the smell, oh god the smell) and being trampled in crowds. Not mention the odd bottle of pissbeing thrown at your head.

Baking a cake: 


Expectations: ooh make way Mary Berry, there’s a new cake master in town. 

Reality: ‘I think next time a little bit less sugar….and egg shells’.

 Going on a girls holiday: 


Expectation: Exactly like in Sex And The a City, drinking all the cocktails and maybe wearing a big hat. 

Reality: Being hungover in the glaring sunshine and not being able to afford to eat. 

Going to the beach:


Expectation: lying around, drinking iced tea, having a little snooze. 

Reality: Sand. Sand everywhere.

Going to Topshop:  

Expectation: ooh so chic and so highstreet runway, I heard Kendall Jenner shops here. 

Reality: is that a plastic see through skirt?

 Going to the doctors: 

Expectation: ooh it’s only a check up, I’ll be in, out and off.

Reality: sitting next to the illest people in the world for 45 minutes whilst people who came in later than you get to go first.

Walking in high heels:   

Expectations: all the legs, and fabulous flaunting around. 

Reality: falling over on the floor like a baby giraffe. Oh and blisters. All the blisters.

Cutting your hair short:


Expectation: I’m gunna look cool and sassy like Jennifer Larence and not having to waste so much time styling it. ITS THE PERFECT SOLUTUON. 


Love, Robyn.

12 thoughts on “Expectations VS reality ”

  1. Loved reading this! I went to my first festival (Wilderness) last year a month before my 50th birthday and my expections were your reality! Thankfully my reality was great, even the loos weren’t that bad and we enjoyed it so much we’re going again this year and taking friends with us 🙂

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      1. Oh dear! I think it definitely depends on which festival you go to. I did a lot of research and we picked Wilderness because it’s small and the organisers pride themselves on the small details like there being enough loos, good food, good music (not necessarily big names) and there’s a lot of outdoorsie stuff to do and a spa! It was amazing I’d recommend it 🙂

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