Are you beach body ready? 

The answer will either be a) yes b) no I need to work out more or c) shut up Robyn stop asking me stupid questions. 

But that’s okay because it not asking you, I’m talking about this advertisement: 


This lady is Renee Somerfield, she’s a poster girl and she is beautiful. However this poster has caused quite a scandal:


Can you see why? 

Now I have another question, is this sexism too? Is this body shaming? 


I was not offended by this image, to me this is how a fitness brand would be expected to advertise, it uses all the same advertising techniques, practically the same slogan and why is that okay? 

I believe in equality, I believe in feminism, but I don’t thinking allowing it to be okay for men to be used as topless models but not for women in fitness ads, really abolishes sexism. 

Because I think if you campaign against advertisements in which the models are semi naked and somewhat exposed then you have campaign for both genders,this, a well respected fitness journal is also presuming you’re also not Beach ready, did this advert get the same response? No.  

So my point is NOT that Proteinworld is correct in their  advertising strategy and I understand the harmful effects of body shaming within the media , but I’m saying if you are going to be aware of it you have understand that it happens on a wider platform against Males as well and one is sexism and outdated and one is not. So surely if everybody concentrated from removing every type of sexual/derogatory type of advertising in both sexes (rather than just female ) and change the way the fitness industry advertises its products, that would be a better step in narrowing the gap between male and female equality….

Tell me what you think, 

Love, Robyn.


6 thoughts on “Are you beach body ready? ”

  1. Bodies are Photoshopped beyond recognition regardless of sex. Eating disorders are rising among boys and men. I completely agree. This crap has to stop on both sides.

    My issue is more with Protein World’s handling of the criticism. The CEO of Protein World referred to the complainers as “terrorists” and when someone addressed the body shaming issue in a tweet, the response back from Protein World was “why make your insecurities our problem”.


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  2. There is way to much emphasis on weight loss in today’s culture. Good physical and mental body health is far more important, not trying to squeeze yourself into someone else’s image of what beauty looks like. Be happy with who you are.

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