How to know if you’re prematurely getting old 

It happens to us all, you’re  sat in your onesie on a Saturday night wondering what happened to your ‘youth’, sigh

  • You always make sure that you pee before leaving the house because ‘just in case’. 
  • You eat Wholegrain. A lot. 
  • You feel very strongly about people using spelling and grammar correctly.
  • You have been known to carry mints or hard boiled sweets in your bag for light snacking or long journeys. 


  • In summer, you might have gone to bed before it’s even got dark. 
  • You’re kind of turning into that one annoying family member that posts awkward comments on other (usually younger) family members Facebook statuses. 
  • You actually know the difference between Merlot and Shiraz and sometimes you even buy wine that’s not on offer  
  • It somehow seems impossible to go out 2 days in a row. 
  • You have a large collection of herbal teas. 
  • You have an actual folder of recipes clipped from magazines. 
  • You make a very disgruntled face at the though of clubbing. People, sweat, dancing, please no.  
  • You recycle (and not just getting rid of empty wine bottles).
  • You apply Suncream everyday even though it’s rainy and you live in England. 
  • You have looked dissaprovingly at girls wearing no tights in the middle of winter. You’ve probably said the phrase ‘put some clothes on you’re going to catch a cold’. 


  • You either a) own a lot of knitwear or b) can actually knit. 
  • DRIVING SHOES. You know what I mean. 
  • You have to control when you drink tea, because woah caffeine at 6pm, someone’s not sleeping tonight. 
  • You see kids that you swear were only in year 8 and now they’re 6th formers and you wonder where your life went. 
  • You can’t deny it anymore. You get hangovers. 


  • You are more interested in buying candles and things off of Etsy than shoes. 
  • Your Instagram has a lot of inspirational quotes. A lot. 
  • You own a lot of onesies. 


Love, Robyn.


15 thoughts on “How to know if you’re prematurely getting old ”

      1. I actively hate – HATE – clubbing, women without tights in the middle of winter and and *sob* I DON’T EVEN HAVE AN INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT!!!!!!

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  1. Reblogged this on bagsoftreasure and commented:
    Brilliant, Even though IAM OLD, some of those things I do and some I don’t. I must be quite “Hip” for an old codger, lol.
    Loved it. x


  2. I think the only one missing here is yelling at kids to get off your lawn. I identify with roughly half of these. But that’s okay. I’ve felt like I act like an old man for some time now. I’m just aging into my personality.


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