How I feel when I go jogging…


  • Okay I feel great, I have my new pink nikes on this is gunna be great. I am definately going to look like a Victoria Secret Model after this. 


  • Oh okay, this is a little brisker than I thought, no problem, I can do this and I bet I look reaaaaally sporty and cool. I can finally be like ‘ Ya I alwaaaays go jogging, like allll the time’. 


  • Is that a Macdonalds?! Omg chips all the chips! NO THATS WHY YOURE HERE IN THE FIRST PLACE! STAY STRONG. WOMAN. 


  • I bet I look beautiful right now, and I think the sweating is more of a ‘glisten’. 


  • Probably time to go home now, I’ve been out here at least *looks at watch* 10 minutes. 10 minutes. Seriously?


  • This has been literally the worst 10 minutes of my life. I think my lung might be falling out and it’s all just so jiggly.


  • Right well I tried, it’s been approximately 12 minutes and I feel great and obviously next time will be better. I hope there’s still a pizza in the freezer.


Love, Robyn. 

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