Things that are apparently things that I wish weren’t


okay it’s not the most concise of titles I’ll admit that.

  • The phrase ‘movers and shakers’. 
  • The way umbrellas always seem to lose themselves. 
  • Meatballs (love burgers, hate meatballs, it’s a thing just go with it).
  • Belfies (mum, dad that’s a photos of your behind) .
  • The political correctness of Apples new emojis (although the dancing lady can now have blonde hair like meee).
  • The rise of lipstick makeup tutorials (I thought the extent of putting on lipstick was exactly that).
  • Creepers. 
  • Disco pants. In case you haven’t realised I hate them. 
  • Haribos on cakes. WRONG. 
  • The urge to have to wear headphones 24/7 even when you’re in a social situation. 
  • Judging people based on their eyebrows. SOME PEOPLE ARE NOT FOLLICLEY BLESSED. 
  • Air Maxes, I’m really sorry I just don’t understand.  
  • The fact that it’s not okay to bring rucksacks clubbing and I have to try and squeeze everything into a stupid tiny clutch bag. 
  • ‘I’m not a racist but’ or ‘I’m not trying to be offensive but’ well I feel like the end of those sentences will be both those things. 
  • Male top knots. Kind of not okay with it.
  • The walk of shame (aka having to carry all those clinging bottles to the bottle bank).
  • The pitiful excuse for Apple products battery life. 
  • Not being able to just go into a cafe and being able to use the toilet.
  • The Kylie Jenner challenge. Please no. 
  • Leather tracksuit bottoms (more confused than angry though).
  • Freddos that cost bloody 20p!

Love Robyn

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