Yorkshire 101: A guide to manouvering around Gods own country


  • You might be slightly confused by the accent, here’s a tip, just forget about T’s in the middle of words and H’s at the beginning (sorry all the ‘olly’s).
  •   Oh look a bread bun! WRONG THAT IS A BREADCAKE. That squishy bread bit on either side of your bacon and egg is in fact called a BREADCAKE. 
  • Scraps, sometimes called ‘bits’ but correctly called scraps, these are delicious bits of old batter and no fish shop worth his money wouldn’t have them. 


  • Some words like ‘are’, ‘of’ and ‘and’ can simply be recklessly abandoned and simply suggested. For example: ‘Put big light on’ or ‘put kettle on’.


  • There is generally a stereotype that southerners are a bit soft especially in regards to a) weather and b) beer (because we all know they just drink lager). 
  • It’s a ‘ginnel’ not an ‘alley’.
  • Try not to mention Lancashire if you can.


  • London should and is referred to ‘that there London’.
  • You’re ‘love’, she’s ‘love’, your neighbours who you’ve lived next to for 50 years: they’re ‘love’. It’s not a term of endearment, it’s a term of ‘I’m sorry but I forgot your name’.
  • Be prepared for a liberal use of gravy , especially over chips.


Love, Robyn. 

21 thoughts on “Yorkshire 101: A guide to manouvering around Gods own country”

  1. Eric W. I might need a “Jersey island” accent on mothers day. Oregano’s pizza. Sexy. I know if you aren’t reading it… Someone you know is. Still sulking I had you “go home in time for supper”. Pew game. Fun & Fashion. More important Jemmy.


  2. Love it love. Where do we stand on fish cakes then cos to me as a yorkshireman a fishcake is two slices of tattie wi fish in middle cooked in batter not a mushed up mess with parsley sauce wrapped in breadcrumbs. This is always a good talking point

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  3. Have been fascinated by Yorkshire ever since the trouble they caused Heny VIII. Well, I wasn’t really there, but I read about it. Love your blog. Check mine out. It has a great deal of linguistic ups’n’downs as well. But we’re southern U.S. I really want to visit your area more than London.
    Good job.

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  4. Stupid predictive text dunt know yorkshire! That was supposed to say “tha knows!” Not “that knows!” Bloody buggering technology! 😉

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