Things I wish I could tell my 11 year old self


Oh chubby year 7 girl life can only get better

  • There will at some point be more to your life than running into the IT suite first in order to play games for 5 minutes. 
  • You never master the messy bun but it’s okay, just move on and stop sticking your head upside and spraying that much hairspray. It’s not helpful. 
  • Eat all the foods. At some point you get brainwashed into believing things like ‘sugar rots your brain’ and ‘Jaffa cakes don’t count as a healthy breakfast’. Bastards. 
  • You do eventually pass maths, and guess what? You never ever use it ever again. 
  • You turn into one of those obnoxious 6th form students and you finally get your turn to hurl insults at year 7s.
  • It takes 16 years but eventually you wear contact lenses. Your depth perception is not that great but at least now you can wear winged eyeliner.
  • You never learn how to do winged eyeliner.
  • It was never and is never cool to own a Jane Norman bag. 
  • School uniforms will never be flattering. 
  • Please don’t post that really embarrassing status on Facebook, it will return to haunt you and no one cares that you’re ‘Luvin lyf xoxo’. 
  • You might think your brother is really cool right now but in a few years you will realise your the more intelligent and sophisticated sibling (hahaha sorry). 
  • Saturday’s don’t have to just be about watching X-factor and eating Chinese food.
  • Enjoy that your mum still gives you money for clothes. It gets REAL expensive when you have to buy them.
  • Bebo ceases to exist, sorry to break the news.
  • School will be terrible till 6th form and then it will get a little better but still not great. 
  • Just stay away from Superdrugs cheapest makeup, an orange makeup line and blue eyeshadow is not a good look.

Love, Robyn. 

9 thoughts on “Things I wish I could tell my 11 year old self”

  1. Love this. Great post : )
    If I could tell my eleven year old self anything it would be: ‘Stay OUT of the canteen… People will only start throwing pizza at you otherwise.’

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