Why I’m glad it’s NOT the 90s 

Okayokay admittedly I don’t know very much about the 1990s but i have watched every episode of Friends…twice. 

  • I am glad that creepily scary thin drawn on eyebrows stayed in the 90s. Really glad.


  • Bye bye Atkins, a life without carbs is no life at all (sorry Rachel from friends). 


  • Special effects, imagine having to take this seriously..


  • David Beckham looked like this in the 90s. 


  • Bop-It. This bastard ruined friendships. 


  • Not having to chose between using the house phone and the computer. 


  • Not having to deal with sweaty feet and blisters whilst wearing these bad boys:   


  • And let’s be honest the ability of wearing jeans that actually fit now is a real bonus. 


  • Being able to go to a club without having to smear this on yourself so you look like some kind of glittery alien.   


  • Could you really go back to a time where internet wasnt as simple as just putting in a code?! (And also a time where it took more than 30 seconds to upload a picture of a cat wearing socks?!) 


  • Having to have a little book of addresses and phone numbers and not just having them saved on to your phone..


Love, Robyn. 

14 thoughts on “Why I’m glad it’s NOT the 90s ”

  1. Hey now, the 90s weren’t all that bad haha! Admittedly some bits were fairly awful, but then, every decade has had awful bits.


      1. I was born in 1991! As soon as I got older, I listened to the music of my time and instantly fell in love lol that’s all I still listen to actually. I think the music today sucks even though it’s catchy lol

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