Long hair don’t care (but actually do care because ow it’s so long it’s caught in my Jumper)


I’m growing my hair but now I’m starting to realise life was a lot simpler with short hair. 

  1. Having to tie up your hair when you eat soup otherwise it gets in the way and you end up with soupy hair. 
  2. Testers in magazines are PITIFULLY small.
  3. It falls out and gets stuck on everything: socks, towels, boyfriends beardy face.   
  4. If you don’t commit to the carefully planned hair washing schedule you will end up with greasy floppy hair and not be able to do anything with it. Sob.
  5. Having to buy conditioner approximately 2-3 times a week.
  6. Clearing out the plug hole *visibly shudders*.
  7. Constantly toying between “I love my hair it’s so pretty’ and ‘OMG IM JUST GUNNA SHAVE MY HEAD’.
  8. Being slightly too emotionally attached to your hair and declaring 10-20 times loudly in the hairdressers that you only want ‘a trim’
  9. Hair NEVER seems to dry. 
  10. People want to twist it or play with it but all you can think is ‘GREASY HANDS GREASY HANDS’.   
  11. You brush it once, five minutes later you’re drowning in a sea of knots, oh the pain. 
  12. Some people refer to it as a mane and it makes you feel weirdly good on the inside. 


Love, Robyn. 


5 thoughts on “Long hair don’t care (but actually do care because ow it’s so long it’s caught in my Jumper)”

  1. thank you for the like on my post with the turtlenecks & long boots. your blogs are so funny! my hair is so long now that it got caught when I slammed my car door 😦

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