Why job interviews are the most awkward things ever


It doesnt matter if its in person or by telephone still so AWKWARD

  • It’s basically talking about yourself for half an hour and in that time realising you are a fantasticly average person.
  • You have to dress all fancy (that means NO leggings).
  • The answer ‘I just really need money in order to survive’ is not a valid response.
  • You have to pretend that time you were school lunch monitor in year 5 was the most valuable leadership training you ever had.
  • The reality: it probably was the best leadership training you ever had.
  • You realise how much high school did NOT prepare you for this situation.
  • The stress of pretending to be a dazzling and charming person raises your blood pressure…a lot.
  • Being terrible at handshakes.
  • Words suddenly don’t seem to form sentences in your head and you’re sweating…definately sweating. 
  • There’s other people waiting there and you know only one person can get it, it’s like the hunger games but without all the violence.
  • You have your nice shoes on but you’re feet have grown, now it’s just ow ow ow with every step.
  • You try and make jokes. Don’t try and make jokes. Oh god this just got really awkward.
  • If only you could use your mum as a reference.
  • Is this what being a grown up feels like?

Love, Robyn.

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