Things only eternally cold people understand 


I mean temperature by the way not in regards to soul,personality etc.

  • The dread,the horror, somebody wants to open a window, your eyes start twitching, it’s just not possible to put another layer on?! 
  • Accidently pressing your feet or hands against someone else’s,results in a ‘oh god please don’t touch me again’.
  • If the heatings not on 10 then there’s no point even being in a car, might as well just walk. 
  • Jogging+winter=no.
  • You always bring a cardigan even when it’s 30 degrees because ‘just in case. 
  • You own at least 3 onesies. And sleep in them.
  • You debate cancelling plans if it means going outside into an icy tundra.
  • There’s never ‘umming’ or ‘ahhing’ when it comes to bringing a coat on a night out. You’ll bring one…and probably a scarf.
  • The puzzled looks you get from your boyfriend as he’s sat in shorts and tshirt and you have pyjamas AND a dressing gown on. 
  • Physically pressing yourself against the radiator, burning yourself, moving away but then being too cold without it. 
  • You probably own more blankets than you do cups. 
  • The look of disgust on your face when somebody suggests waiting for a bus instead of getting a taxi on a night out. 
  • Your boyfriends jacket becomes the communal jacket (AKA yours) on the walk home.
  • The change from pyjamas to human clothes is a daunting task (if only it was acceptable to wear pyjamas to work). 
  • You bring your winter coat out of hiding at approximately the end of September. 
  • Skiing holidays dont make sense to you…rolling around in snow? No thankyou. 
  • You will always always try and manage to get the group taxi home to drop you as close to your house as possible.
  • It gets to November and you seriously consider moving to Egypt for the next 5 months. 

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