Things  it’s okay to do (because nobody’s perfect) 

  • Eat everything except the raisins in muesli (because blurghk).
  • To actively ignore the washing up, even when it smells and might be growing a rare form of fungus. 
  • To wear leggings as trousers more often than you should. 


  • To run for the bus, miss the bus and then pretend that you were never running for the bus in the first place. 
  • To only fake tan the bits of you people will see. Using the same idea when shaving your legs.  


  • That there are more times than not that you wear odd pyjamas to bed. 
  • To feel like this when your hair is tied up:


  • To worry about nothing for a whole week and then the day before a deadline/important event/crucial life decision, worry about EVERYTHING. 


  • To pretend you never saw the rotting yoghurt in the fridge, shut the door, and walk away .  
  • To chose where you want to eat based on access to free wifi.
  • To think most days ‘today is the day I’m gunna be healthy, I’m gunna run, I’m gunna be sexyyy’ and then proceeding to eat a whole cake whilst watching Keeping up With The Kardashians. 


  • To not enjoy cocktails (expensive fruit juice?) .
  • To get really annoyed when autocorrect is a presumptuous bitch (the irony that this word got changed to ‘butch)  and ruins your text message. 


  • To still not be able to drive. 
  • To not be a morning person. 
  • To ignore any bottles of wine that cost more than £4 (you’re not made of money!). 


  • To think about deleting all the people you don’t really know on your Facebook but being too nosey to do anything about it.
  • To take at least 1 selfie a day.


  • To not know how to use a washing machine. 
  • To actively avoid eye contact with anybody ever on public transport. 
  • To forget the names of your own family members. 
  • To have absolutely no self control when it comes to buffets (it’s a challenge not an offer)


Love, Robyn x 

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