Why it’s okay to check Instagram 10000 times a day


Don’t try and deny that you’re an obsessive Instragramer, we all are, just embrace it. 

1) if you don’t put pictures up of your breakfast/lunch/dinner /snack/midnight snack/peice of bread, how will people see what a culinary star you are??

2) It’s just absolutely fine that everybody’s having more fun than you or is more stylish than you or is more successfull. Just fine. 

3) Its not been sunny in England for 2 months, your vitamin D levels are dangerously low  and you’re paler than than a ghost.  Buuuut not with the right filter, with the right filter you look hot (well at least not so sickly).

4) Having the hope that if you follow Taylor Swift or Beyonce, one of them might stumble across your Instagram see how witty/beautiful you are and it will be the start of a long and beautiful friendship. 

5) That wonderful little realisation that you haven’t checked Instagram for 22 minutes and there’s a whole new stream of wonderful things to peruse. 

6) Its completely normal to freak out about not having any internet signal, because you just took a picture of you and your friends Cocktails and people NEED to see how much fun you’re having. 

7) If you didn’t do ‘throwback Thursday’ how would people know that you liked them?! 

8) Still being confused how normal people get hundreds of favourites. THEY’RE NOT EVEN CARA DELEVIGNE.

9) Feeling the need to have  an EOS lip balm and a Micheal Kors handbag because EVERYONE else has one, 

10) Pretending to be really annoyed with people’s ‘look at all the wonderful things I got for my birthday’ pictures but when your day comes uploading them in steady stream with no remorse and lots of hashtags. 

11) If you don’t upload a picture of your Starbucks, did you actually even have one?

12)Being part of the very few without a front camera haunts you on a daily basis.

13) Instagram means never having to talk to humans or sit there bored on public transport. Lovely.

Love, Robyn. 



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