Things I’ve learnt about being a grown up (so far)


1)Yeah if you don’t do the washing, it will just sit on the floor and smell. And  you’ll have no clean socks. 

2) Sometimes you have to sacrifice things in life such as food for more important things like wine. Priorities. 

3) Fairylights instantly make any room Instagram worthy.

4) Actually you don’t really neeeeed an iron, just wear lots of t-shirts and skinny jeans, problem solved.

5) It is not easy to meet people when your not in school, and even harder to make a good first impression…especially if their first impression of you is after a pitcher of cocktails. 

6) Washing powder is really, really expensive. 

7) But not when you ‘borrow’ some of the one that just so happens to be in the laundry room.

8) It’s perfectly respectful to head straight to the reduced aisle when deciding what to have for tea. 

9) Life was definately peachier when your mum was in charge of cleaning the bathroom. 

10) Its perfectly okay to end the day with a bottle of red wine, it’s mature and sophisticated. 

11) it’s just normal to feel a bit sick and emotional after looking after your bank balance. 

12) Cheese toasties are a perfectly acceptable dinner. 

13) Having the freedom to sit in pyjamas all day, with no makeup on and not being able to remember the last time you washed your hair because it’s your house and you make the rules. 

14) Your glass collection consists mainly of glasses stolen from the pub.

Love, Robyn. 

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