Why Jess from new girl should be everybody’s spirit animal 


She’s just like us in so many ways….

1) she gets emotionally attached to objects and sometimes gives them names.


2) She’s sometimes confused between hunger and anger.


3) She is NOT good at being sexy.


4) She can go from zero-to- crazy bitch alarmingly fast.


5) She is not afraid to get a little bit feminist.



6) She wears pyjamas ALL the time.



7) She tries with men and she fails with men. 



8) She’s gets sassy.


9) She wears dresses that should make her look 8 or 80 but somehow pulls them off.


10) Despite her fringey ramblings, she has moments of pure clarity and wisdom.   


11) She’s 30 and she doesn’t have her life together but it’s all gunna be okay.


12) She’s undeniably a good friend.


13) She’s not great at handling her emotions.


14) She gets wine drunk a lot.


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