What you miss about 6th form (even though you swore you’d never miss anything)


Those mornings of double drama that meant sleeping in late, grabbing a sausage roll and strolling into school about quarter past eleven without a care in the world. Being a grown up never tasted so good. 

1)The common room, every area was fiercely protected and any glimpse of a lower 6th trying to saunter into the upper 6th area was counted as an act of treason against the guarded hierachal structure. You might not have been able to move for Art folders and McDonald’s wrappers but you knew that was your place, where you belonged.

2) Form time A.K.A an extra 20 minutes in bed with the excuse that your car/bus/legs broke down and that’s why you’re late. No job will ever be as flexible. 

3) Free periods, it didnt matter if it was only 8.30 in the morning, free periods meant driving to McDonalds, demolishing a Big Mac and returning triumphant just in time for double English, no questions asked. Perfect. 

4) The little rush of power that came with being a 6th former in comparison to all the other years. The lanyard in itself separated the men from the boys, out of my way year 7. 

5) University open days. Brilliant, a four day week is just what I need. 

6) Whilst we’re on that topic, basically any other day that wasn’t a compulsory ‘come into school, sit down and learn’ day could be used as an opportunity to have a well deserved ‘me day’ because Sports day really wasn’t going to get you into university anyway,

7) Ice breakers what a terrible descision they were, but at least you could LEGALLY go out,get pissed and subsequently make a fool out of yourself opposed all those years of underage house parties. 

8) AMEN TO STUDY LEAVE. Summer started in May and lasted all the way through to September. Yes okay it might have been a bit nail biting at some points and the wait to see if you got into university was nauseating, but don’t you just miss the long weeks of mooching around, no care in the world, fake tanning yourself into an oblivion right before prom and spending a sambuca filled week in Magaluf to celebrate your end of adolescence.

9) It was soooo easy, the weird time between being a grown up and being able to legally buy cider but at the same time your mum still cooks your dinner and  can tell you off when your rooms not tidy. 

Love, Robyn.

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